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What Are Acrylic Blanks?

Throughout the pandemic, many people turned to crafting to pass the time. They found real joy in getting to work with their hands and got a sense of accomplishment from their finished product. Crafting can be a passtime or a full blown business, depending on how much time you want to commit. 

Whether you’re just starting out or if you’ve already built your crafting kingdom, one of the most popular and marketable types of crafting right now is using acrylic blanks to make keychains, necklaces, ornaments, and other crafty items. What exactly are acrylic blanks? How can you use them in your crafting repertoire? What kinds of projects can you use them for? Griffin Blanks has all the answers. Here’s everything you need to know about crafting with acrylic blanks.


The Basics of Acrylic Blanks

Before you embark on a new project that involves acrylic blanks you’ll want to know what they're made of, how you can use them and what to look for when purchasing acrylic blanks. Chances are you’ve come into contact with acrylic materials before. Maybe you’ve had acrylic nails put on at the salon prior to a big event or you’ve had a fish tank that looks like glass, but is actually made of acrylic. Acrylic is more durable than glass while still providing transparency. These characteristics make acrylic very desirable depending on the project at hand. 

In the crafting world, acrylic blanks are blank pieces of acrylic that come in various shapes and sizes that you’re able to customize. At Griffin Blanks, you can put your own flare on a variety of blanks that we keep in stock. Whether you’re looking to make stocking stuffers or small gifts for grab bags, acrylic blanks are versatile and affordable. You can either find a pre-cut acrylic blank shape that speaks to you and your crafting style, or you can purchase a custom blank, send it to us here at Griffin Blanks and have our professional team cut or engrave it into the design of your choice. The world is your oyster with acrylic blanks. 


Using Acrylic Blanks In Your Crafting Repertoire

Our acrylic blanks at Griffin Blanks are so versatile that no matter what type of crafting you enjoy, you can create with our blanks. If you’re an experienced painter and find your passion in freehanding, you can make incredible products using your artistic skills by painting with acrylic paint on the blanks. If you’re more into graphic design, you can use printed vinyl to customize blanks if you have a craft printing machine. Finally, you can engrave acrylic blanks with your favorite images. If graphic design isn’t your strong suit, that’s okay! There are countless engraving templates available online that are simple to use and will make you look like a pro. No matter if you consider yourself an artist or you're just starting out and looking for a new, healthy hobby, acrylic blanks are a great medium.


Get Started On A Project Today

No matter the crafting occasion, there are so many ways you can style an acrylic blank. Grab your favorite Griffin Blanks acrylic cut to get started. If you’re looking for fun gifts to give everyone at your bachelorette party and have the impulse to work with glitter, consider making glitter resin keychains for your closest friends. You’ll need an acrylic blank, glitter of your choice, epoxy or clear UV resin, a UV setting light, a vinyl printer/vinyl sheets, and a positive sense of adventure. 

Want a way to include your furry friend on your Christmas tree? Consider engraving a Griffin Blanks dog bone acrylic with your puppy’s name! Simply select the design of your choice and have us engrave it for you here at Griffin Blanks! This is a fun and relatively quick craft, so if you have a house full of dogs, you’ll have the time to make sure everyone makes it on the tree. 

Browse your favorite Grifflin Blanks acrylic blanks and let the crafting begin! What’s best about starting a new hobby with acrylic blanks is the cost. It’s a relatively inexpensive hobby, all things considered and a great way to get kids involved. Our acrylic blank supplies are more than fairly priced, so if you’re just starting out and make an error on your first attempt, you won’t need to sweat the cost. Happy crafting!


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