Recommended Products & Companies We Use

Heat Press

Experience Professional Results with the Swing Away and Slide Out Heat Press.

18"L x 15"W x 15"H

Find it HERE


BetterSub Heat Press 15x15 inch Clamshell 

 Clamshell Heat Press


Heat Press Pillows & T-Shirt Ruler Set

Pressing Pillows

VLR DTF Transfer Remover

Made a mistake? Unleash this miracle worker to erase it and start fresh!

You can find it HERE


Attach your Teflon sheet to your heat press with these magnets so you never miss this pressing step again! Find them here: 


Large Teflon Sheet 

A non-stick cover sheet (also known as a Teflon sheet) is a protective sheet that can be re-used over and over again to protect your press! We use magnets to wrap the Teflon sheet around the heat plate. You will still use a transfer sheet or butcher paper on top of your image when pressing to ensure there is not a gradient left behind from the Teflon Sheet. You can find it here:


Cross Laser for pressing shirts

Easily align your shirt designs on any apparel! You can find it here:


Tumbler Press

15oz, 20oz & 30oz Sublimation Tumbler Heat Press. You can find it here:


Heat Gloves


Heat Gloves

Heat resistant gloves allow you to grab and turn the tumbler without burning yourself. Great for holding while you remove the sublimation paper. You can find it here:


Silicone Mat

Silicone rubber mat, heat resistant to hold those hot tumblers while they cool. You can find it here:


Heat Tape 

We absolutely LOVE this heat tape! It is thick enough to hold the paper seam together & easy to apply. This heat tape doesn't curl & it says put. You can find it here:



Sublimation Paper 8.5"x11" 

We currently using Koala Sublimation paper for all of our sublimation prints! The paper leaves prints BRIGHT & VIBRANT! You can find it here:


Mod Podge

Mod Podge has many different uses, but we love using Mod Podge for sealing wood signs! This brand is our favorite because it dries fast, even and CLEAR! You can find it here:






Sarah at BAMF Custom Creations is amazing and offers great information that everyone can benefit from. I love her stickers, tumblers and she has some pretty amazing decorative vinyl wraps. Support this small business by clicking HERE!






Beth the creator of Tumblerpoxy is so sweet and nice to work with. I love her UV resin. I use it on our acrylic blanks which makes great keychains. Tumblerpoxy offers a variety of epoxy resins for you to choose from. Support this small business by clicking HERE!