How do I make a gang sheet?

How to create a gang sheet.

You can create gang sheets in a variety of design software programs as long as you are able to save as a PNG file with a transparent background.  The most common designs software's are Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Adobe Photo Shop, Silhouette Studio and Canva.

Here at Griffin Blanks we help a large amount of smaller businesses that use Silhouette Studio and Canva so those are the examples I provide.

Silhouette Studio Business Edition

                Note for Silhouette Studio Business addition the software will not let you save higher than a 23” x 30” gang sheet with 300 DPI.

Step 1.

                Set your page size to the size of your gang sheet you wish to order. For this software I do not recommend higher than a 23”x30”.

Setting your page size

Step 2.

                Arrange and size all your images to use up as much of the space as possible. The more you fit, the less you pay per image. Keep in mind that with a gang sheet you need to leave space for the direct to film transfers to be cut apart. We recommend half an inch (0.50 in).

Step 3.

Save your image as a PNG with transparent background. If you have Silhouette Studio you must have the Business Edition in order to save as a PNG file. When saving make sure you have 300DPI (dots per inch). The lower DPI the lower the resolution.

File – Save As – Save to Hard Drive – Choose where you want to save and select your file type as PNG.

File Save As

Save as PNG

After you click save, a window will pop up. This is one of the most important steps. Make sure your DPI is 300 and you check the box that says “Transparent Background”.  Click Save.

300 DPI with transparent background

Now that you have successfully saved your gang sheet as a PNG with a transparent background you’ll want to send us an email with your order number and attach the gang sheet you just saved. We’ll do the rest.

Email us at

If you still are not sure how to make a gang sheet or just don't want to spend time on this, we've got you covered. We will gang the images for you. Check out out options for gang sheet services HERE

Check out a tutorial of how to create a gang sheet in Canva HERE.